Adult Appointment Process

So you've spoken to someone about a future as an Adult Volunteer Role in Scouting, what next?

The adult appointment process begins when an adult decides they would like to volunteer as a Member of Scouting.

Adult Details may be captured on an Adult Application (AA) Form and entered into Compass, the Scout Associations Membership System.  The Appointments Secretary will be alerted of a new application automatically.

Depending on the role applied for, you may be invited to attend a meeting with the Appointments Advisory Committee (AAC). The informal meeting is about ensuring that the  you, are aware of the responsibilities of the Role you are taking on, make sure you understand and accept the values and policies of the Association, and to discuss your suitability for the Role.

Although the order of these steps may differ, the steps below depict the procedures followed:

  • Complete Adult Application
  • Information entered into Compass
  • DBS Process
  • References requested from Referees
  • Appointments Advisory Committee Meeting with Applicant
  • AAC agree a Provisional Appointment
  • Getting Started Training to be completed within 5 months
  • Presentation of Appointment Certificate

A full description of the Appointments Process is available here.

Adult Application Form

ID Checking Form